Monday, June 6, 2011

#16 Cherry Tree block and thread.....

I finally got another block of the Cherry Trees done.

I know...they look like grapes, but I am sticking with the red and green theme of this quilt (with just a smattering of rosey shades as of late).  Of course, there ARE red grapes, right?

This block, also, requires some embroidery stems, but because I made my cherries slightly bigger, I am not so sure that I am going to bother with the embroider since there isn't much room now.  Of course, that is something I can always do a little later.

Another thing I wanted to discuss with you is silk thread.  While at the AQS show in Paducah I had taken a block to work on and I had only about a yard of green silk thread left on my spool, so my mission was to find green thread in a vendor's booth.  You can ask Sandy over at ......I got carried away.

I bought three spools ....all in about the same shade of green that I am using for the Cherry Tree blocks.   I won't be running out soon. 

Anyways, I bought Clover, Kimono and YLI.  These are all different from what I usually use.  Tire is the one I usually go for.  So far from the new ones I have tried the Clover and Kimono.  I like them both, but the Kimono one is really nice. 

So....what kind of thread do you use for your applique and why?  I would really like to know. 


  1. That is one beautiful block! I can't wait to see all the blocks together. And I think you are very wise to buy a lifetime supply of olive green silk thread!

  2. I have a collection of YLI silk and I always liked it. Then I started using Aurifil and that is my go to thread now. I found the silk was looking a bit shiny on some of the muted civil war prints, but I think my color/shade just wasn't the best match. I also use Masterpiece, I bought the donut bobbin holder full of pre wound, lots of colors you might just use once or twice. Variety is the spice of life, I LOVE threads, I have boxes and boxes of them.

  3. I have the Masterpiece donut too, but I am disappointed to discover that it shreds much faster than other threads. Is anyone else having that experience or am I doing something wrong - no, thread is no longer than I normally use!


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