Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day....

The big blizzard of 2011 was to hit today, so yesterday the office decided to close for the day  and I had big plans to sew.  So, from the pile of 2" wide strips that I cut up the other day, I trimmed all of them into 8" + segments and sewed doubles and triple strip segments.

Once I had a pile of those made, I got out my June Tailor Quarter Cut ruler and trimmed to 2" strips

I wasn't brave enough to layer the triple strips, so only did one at a time.

But since my pile of doubles was so big, I thought I would try to at least layer two strips and then do the cutting.

That seemed to work out alright.

Now I have a mountain of little segments to get my strips for each block started.

I did get another 20" block completed today, but I ended up having so many interruptions today, that I am just going to quit here.  I wish I had some idea of how many of these segments I need for this quilt, but since I am not going by a pattern, I am just going to have to "wing it". 

I did get one more thing off the "wedding list of things to do" though. 

Last weekend I went shopping for my mother-of-the-bride dress and found one.  It had to be ordered and it came in the mail last night.

I am excited to have this one checked off my list. 

Well, I will be back at the quilt...maybe tomorrow night, but definitely Friday morning.  Hope to have some more blocks made  and certainly hope this pile of segments goes a long way in making a lot of blocks; otherwise, I will be starting the whole process all over again. 


  1. I hope you are safe, warm and dry, I just cannot believe the photos of the snow! That dress is absolutely gorgeous. You will look stunning on the big day. And the quilt is looking pretty good too.

  2. Your Mother-of-the-Bride dress is GORGEOUS!

    Congrats on getting so many segments made up on your Snow day too!

  3. That's a gorgeous dress! I admire how straight and even your pieced strips are. I always have a tendency to stretch when I press them. Grrrr

  4. I'm proud of you girl. Keep the progress on the wedding quilt going. Your dress is very sexy. I love the draping in front. You'll look gorgeous in it.



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