Monday, February 28, 2011

Making some headway

Give me some time in the sewing room and I do make some headway.

I have been sewing up some of the strips that have been cut for awhile. 

After sewing a mountain of these strips, I had to cut my chains apart.

Then from there I did some cutting up into sections so that I could work on different portions of each block.

and this resulted in this part....

Kept sewing until I had all the pieces for the connector blocks (easy block)

First this....

then this.....

Now all my connector blocks are DONE!!

Wouldn't have made it this far without a little help from this little guy.

Now to work on the main part of my block ....the more involved portion of the block.

I have lots of sections made, but not nearly as much as I need, but I will keep plugging along. I have given myself until the end of March to complete this top.  Wish me luck!

Have to mention, too, that I have received another one of my birthday exchange blocks from my friend Rilla.

I am getting a nice variety in my country reds and creams.  Can't wait to see them all together.  Birthday is coming up, so I should be getting lots more in the mail real soon. 

Happy quilting everyone. 


  1. I like both your little helpers; your grand daughter(?) and your stitch unpicker mounted like that. Never seen the latter before...well for that matter, I don't think I've seen your grand daughter either. Very cute.

  2. made great progress this week on the wedding quilt!
    Your grandson looks so adorable sitting there helping you! (hope he's feeling better)

    Very pretty birthday block too! So far you've received a nice variety of these. Can't wait to see what you make from them.

  3. Very clever way to use the stitch ripper - and your sweet little helper is precious! Your pinks and browns are really playing nice with each other - looking good!

  4. Ohhhh, how great that you have your grandson's help. I LOVE that!!

    The quilt is coming along and is going to be gorgeous! Wish I could come over and have a sew-in with you.

  5. Your little helper is so cute!! You are really making good progress on the wedding quilt, I know it is going to be stunning.


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