Sunday, August 15, 2010


The featherweight was packed with several bobbins filled; pattern pieces were traced and cut out; all the fabric was packed with all the intentions in the world to get several more of the Hearts and Hands blocks  made up, but with the comings and goings of family members to the cabin we had rented from Friday the 6th through Sunday the 15th, much do you think I got done?  Above is the view from my lounge chair where I did read my fifth Elm Creek Quilts peaceful.

Here's our family vacation schedule:

Friday.....husband, son, youngest daughter and future son-in-law
Saturday..... husband, son, future son-in-law and me (daughter met up with girlfriends for a girlfriend weekend and I came today as I stayed home to attend grandson's birthday party)
Sunday.....husband, son, youngest daughter (back early), future son-in-law and me
Monday....husband, son, and me (my girlfriend took me shopping for the day)
Tuesday....husband,  oldest daughter and grandsons (1, 3 and 6) and me
Wednesday.... oldest daughter, grandsons and me (we went shopping for the day and husband went home to take care of his father and some business)
Thursday.....husband came back with son-in-law, daughter, grandsons and me
Friday.....husband, son-in-law, daughter, grandsons and me
Saturday....husband, son-in-law, daughter, grandsons and me
Sunday.....was going to leave today, but we left last night instead.

Confused yet? There were a lot of comings and going, but for some crazy reason, that was the  only way I knew what day it was ....just knowing who was coming when. 

So......    vacation + family = no sewing

I did get to visit two new (to me) quilt shops.  Crossroads Quilt Shop ( in Reed City, MI  and  JulieAnn's Quilting ( in Cadillac, MI.  Spent a "little" at the first and none at the second.  Hmmm..can't show  what I bought as they will probably be Christmas gifts.

All-in-all a pretty good time. 

Now to get back to sewing.


  1. Sounds like a busy vacation. I am finding that August has not been kind to the quilting time! I'm focused on finishing a table runner for a fund raiser, but we are in the middle of a heat wave these last few days. By Thursday it should become a bit more pleasant. ie not in the 90's!

  2. Even though there were a lot of comings and goings, it sounds like you got to put up your feet and "lounge" a little. That's a good thing!

  3. Hi MiMi, Thanks for visiting my blog and yes I am a Janiac. LOL I wanted to stop by and say hi. I see you are headed for vacation. ENJOY!! I called my grandmom MiMi and I want my grandchild to call me that one day. Nice to meet you. Stephanie


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