Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Something about 40's....

Not sure what it is about the 40s, but I took a look at a couple of my ongoing projects that require quite a few blocks and here is where I stand on each of them. 

Hearts and Hands blocks all stacked up after completing the last dozen or so that I was working on.  I had to gather the outside edges and press them over so that they are ready to be appliqued to a background.  There are 42 of them.  They are not so impressive stacked up, but on the design wall, they look a little better. 

That's 42 out of 117.  hmmm.....not toooooo bad.

Then there is Dear Jane.

48 blocks out of 169 and that is not including the pie-shaped blocks that create the borders of this quilt. 
Now this one is depressing; but that is why I put it up on the design wall.  I need to keep motivated or inspired, or whatever it takes to make me get back at it. 

 What is it about stopping  at 40+ blocks? 

I need to change that. 

I need to get busy.   

I need a plan. 


  1. The Hearts and Hands pieces are gorgeous - goodness, I didn't realise that you need 117 in total! No advice about a plan, you have way more patience than I do .... I'll be here to cheer you along :-)

  2. OMG...can you please tell me where you got the pattern for "Hearts and Hands"? My GF has been searching and it seems to be out of stock, at the one place that carried it!
    Thanks so much

  3. At the rate you are going it will soon be, "Something About the Fifties!"

    Way to go!

  4. On those huge projects with teeny blocks, I always get stuck at 100. You'd think with that many done, that I'd just dive in and do it. Your blocks are gorgeous! You'll get there!

  5. Such well made blocks and interest designs. You have a lot of patience to have made them.

  6. What a lot of sewing! I'm guessing that the circulars are appliqued?

  7. Wowee, your blocks are gorgeous. Start again from one and count up to another 40, lol.

  8. Well keep going because I love looking at all of your blocks and remember making these time intensive quilts is a process, not a race.

  9. Would you mind telling me for the hearts and hands if you are using the same fabric for all of the back ground like the original. I see for the individual blocks it looks like you are choosing as you go. They are turning out really well. If possible would you be able to tell me what fabric you had planned for the background once all the circles are set in? I am debating what fabric to choose for mine and any experience you could share would be great. Thank you



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