Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life's not always a bowl of Cherries....

....and so my life seems to be going right now. 

Literally, as I was loading the last suitcase in the car for our vacation, I got a call saying that my mother-in-law had fallen and was being taken to the hospital.  I did leave for vacation, but was in contact with her assisted living and her hospice nurse the whole time we were gone.  Upon arriving home, husband's dad went into congestive heart failure. He is now in a nursing home for rehab.  We have been doing a lot of running regarding both of them.

Since being home, I really haven't sewn, but I am starting to prep  for my 11th Cherry Trees block.

I, also, started prepping the Hearts and Hands blocks that I had taken on vacation (but didn't touch) and have them ready to attach to some backgrounds.

Looks like there are about nine applique blocks ready to go.

Then there was tonight to add to our bad mojo.  We were heading out to a car cruise (and to visit DH's dad) in my husbands classic 1971 Nova and we were T-boned.  You can about guess how he is feeling right now.

I am thinking that I need to just lock myself in my sewing room and do some sewing in a calm and relaxed environment.  What do you think?


  1. I think you need to lock yourself in MY sewing room instead! And when you're done in there you can lock yourself into my guest room. Sound like a good idea??

  2. Did you hear me a second ago. OH NO!!! Just when you thought you would have a little outing to get away from the health issues of family....I'm so sorry to hear about your in laws, sounds like they have good assistance. Take care of yourself!

  3. hmm I thought I posted a comment yesterday but it's not here. Love technology. Sorry to hear your in laws are having issues. and your poor car....but it can be fixed and I'm glad you weren't hurt in the accident. Take care

  4. Go into your sewing room, turn your phone off....take some time for yourself.



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