Thursday, July 15, 2010

In the prepping mood. ....

Well, I can see that in the very near future I am going to have some time to sit and stitch.  Haven't had much time for that lately, but I want to be prepared for when that time comes, so I got all my cherries cut out and basted and cut out the freezer paper for all the leaves that make up the next wreath in the Beyond the Cherry Trees BOM #10.

After lettering all my pieces and laying them out so that I wouldn't have the same values of green too close to each other (so much for scrappy random), I laid out my greens and then ironed on the freezer paper and after a little trimming and then using my "white pencil" to mark the edges of the leaves, I am almost ready to start this block. 

Before the evening was over, I had gathered up all the cherries and pressed them.  They are ready to stitch onto the block; but while I was in the mood, I got all my beiges/browns/blacks out for the Hearts and Hands blocks (which I will be calling my Cafe au Lait quilt), I decided to prep some of those blocks.  There sure was a mess on the floor while I made my decisions on which fabrics for which blocks.

I now have five of those ready to work on other than I still need to cut the background of each block.  I'll do that in a minute.  Next Friday I will be sitting in the hospital again waiting for my husband who will be getting a second stent, so I wanted to be prepared to have something to work on while waiting. Then again, if I get these all done before my dreams....I can always prep some more...or even prep something on my Dear Jane quilt....ha...LOL!!  There just aren't enough hours in a day.

Now last weekend, I didn't get any stitching done.  Why you ask?  I had this little guy all day Saturday and Sunday.  It was his first night away from home and mom and dad.  He was a gem though. Only  time he cried was when I told him "no" and it wasn't that often.  He is so good.

This is little Cole and he is going to be 1 year old tomorrow.

Usually by the boys' first birthday, mom and dad give them their first haircut.  It always makes me sad because they then look so old; but since this little guy is the last, mom did say she wants to keep her baby as long as she can, so I am going to enjoy those little curls around his ears just a little longer. 

Having Cole was well worth not getting in any stitches over the weekend. 
Love you Cole.


  1. The block is going to be beautiful....the grandson already is!

  2. One already?! Goodness, are you sure?! He sure is cute. Wow, that's a lot of prep work you're doing - I'll look forward to more of your Cafe au Lait work - just love them!

  3. Your grandson is such a beautiful boy!
    Even your prep work looks lovely ;D

  4. You sure do have beautiful grandchildren! Those eyes are something else.

  5. Cole is adorable. I cannot believe that he is "1" already. Where did the year go? You've been busy with a lot of prep work.



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