Friday, July 9, 2010

I think my "mojo" is back.....

No. 9 Cherry Trees block of the month is finished and just under the wire.  No.10 is due out tomorrow. 

Not liking the fact that I had to cut it so close, but all I can say is "yeah!!!, it's done!!!!"

Now, here's a close up of my version of the bird in this block.  Only using one piece of fabric  for the whole bird makes it hard to get any dimenson on him/her, but I am hoping this paisley fabric did the trick. 

Well, I just checked to see if No. 10 block was posted yet, but it isn't, so I am assuming that she is keeping to her word that the blocks are due to come out on the 10th, so you know what I will be doing tomorrow.....well, hopefully, since I will be babysitting for my youngest grandson, Cole, for 24 + hours.  Hmmmm....I may not have time to do anything but play with him.  Well, you know.....priorities, right?  :D


  1. Hooray for Mojo....LOL!
    Seriously now, what a Magnificent Block!
    I love how the paisley print plays up as feathers on your pretty bird.
    Just love your fabric choices too! (as usual)
    This is a Real Beauty!

  2. Mimi, it's lovely! The fabric you have chosen for the bird is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your bird looks wonderful in paisley. I really love the background fabric too. I've been saving the patterns for "one day".

  4. That paisley is perfect! I need to pay more attention to these types of fabrics. Janet from Quiltsalott has a great eye for prints in her applique as well. I am so enjoying your blocks, I just print them ;-) But I did finish my hand app project so maybe I'll start this one?

  5. Another beautiful block. Congratulations on getting this one done with all that you have on your plate right now. I love the paisley bird....that was a great idea.

  6. Love the fabrics you chose for the bird!

  7. The paisley was a great choice! Enjoying watching your progress.

  8. I wouldn't have known that bird is from one piece of fabric if you hadn't said something. I thought it was multiple pieces appliqued until I read the text. Looks great!!

  9. This is so pretty! Are you hand appliqing these blocks? I just started to hand applique and I love it . I am doing the Back Basting Applique .Is that how you do yours?


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