Saturday, May 1, 2010

Little country church quilt show

I didn't have real high hopes that this would be a great quilt show today since it was being held in a small, white clapboard, country church.  I just thought it would be a great day out with my quilt friends....seeing "some" quilts, lots of chatter and going out to lunch, but I was pleasantly surprised.

They really packed the quilts into this quaint little church.

The quilts were draped over all the pews and there were plenty of quilts hung on the walls. Some new, some antiques.   I thought I would share some of our favorites.

The one that I hoped would win the "best of show" was this one. 

Those 9-patches were each 1 1/2" in size.  (each little square was then 1/2").  I forget how many thousand she said were in there.  It was to die for!!!

This "star" quilt  was awesome.  I think it was the colors of the quilt and the fabric choices that just sung out to us.  Each star was just "fussy" cut from a fabric. We thought at first that they were appliqued, but it just didn't matter because the whole quilt was just very inviting. 

Then there was this applique quilt.  It seemed so impressive (or I should say that it was impressive), but on closer inspection, it was much more simple than first thought as their choices of fabrics and the fussy cutting they did for each of the pieces made it appear much more elaborate.  It was beautiful.

Then there was this very pretty 9-patch (but laid out differently than most).  I believe this quilt was an antique and it had a very different edge.

One more antique that caught our eyes was this Texas star.  I sure would have loved to see this one hanging.  Texas stars are almost always impressive. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed what little I could share with you  at this lovely little country church quilt show.

I am now off to work on my fourth scallop border which I did manage to rip out only a couple tips to scootch them in (no full scallop removal on this one thank goodness) and have the last two full scallops basted one.  I will be sharing this with you very soon. 

Happy quilting. 


  1. OOHHHH! Thanks for the pic's. It was as good as the time I went with Nancy. One of my favorite quilt shows ever.

  2. Great photos to share, looks like there was a nice variety of patterns to look at. Yes, the 9 patch is wonderful, I just finished a swap like this, except our blocks were 4.5". Thank goodness!

  3. Glad your pics turned out so well....I had a great time at the show with you chicks!

  4. Thank you for indulging us and taking pictures of all our favorites. My favorites are the antique quilts, but that 1 1/2" nine patch was the very best. Do I dare try to attempt one?


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