Friday, April 30, 2010

2 and 3 out of 4

Giddiness is starting to creep up from my toes!

I have diligently been working on  ripping and restitching my scallops.  Had to remove two from the second border, release a couple ends on two of the other scallops and then add the fifth and sixth scallops to complete the second border.  Here is the result of now having border #1 and # 2 onto the center of the quilt. 

Then I only had to remove one scallop, release a couple ends and then add the fifth and sixth scallops to complete the third border.  I did fudge a little  on this border, so each scallop is not  exactly in its allotted 9 23/25" space.  But, oh well, who is going to come along and measure, just as long as it fits the side of my quilt.

I now have a nice space for my cornerstone scallop.  Still have not laid out that particular scallop.  I am not ready to find out that it might not fit, but at this stage of the game, I am sure I can work something out if it doesn't.

I am running out of space on the floor to lay this quilt out.  I think once the last border is on (which I hope will be real soon) I will have to get dear husband to hold it up for pictures, then again, maybe his arms aren't long enough.  We'll see; but here you can see all three borders. 

Ok, I am off to start working on #4 border.  I'll be back soon. 


  1. Faye, I am SOOOOOOO happy for you! I know you must be really glad to have this almost done. It is just beautiful --- as is ALL of your work!

  2. This has been so worth it. The borders make this quilt sing, keep going!


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