Friday, April 23, 2010

What do pigs and quilting have in common?

Well, the answer to that may be a little delicate, but at a retreat that I went to a couple years ago, one of the gals had a relative who owned a pig farm and she brought a bag of should I say it?.....pig castrating tools!  They work beautifully as thread cutters, but are so very, very sharp.  Very lethal. You don't want to touch them and you don't want to get too aggressive on your threads or fabric.

Anyways, that is what I am using to remove scallops on my borders for the Home Sweet Home quilt.  I did some re-measuring on my quilt center and the borders and found that I needed to alot 9 23/25" for each scallop.  Yeah, I know, that is a crazy number, but that is pretty much how it worked out. So I used a blue water soluable pen and marked off each section for each scallop.  On the first border, I removed only one of the scallops and loosened the tip of a couple of the scallops so that I could restitch them within their allotted space. 

I, also, marked the upper most point that the scallops needed to end.

Now, I have one of the end scallops basted on and will make the adjustment to the adjoining scallop so that they meet at the blue line.

Lesson learned.  Next time, measure, mark and make your adjustments long before you get the majority of your sewing done, but at least the problem wasn't as bad as I was remembering it to be.  Funny how things grow in your minds eye (as this job was getting bigger and bigger in my head than what it really is panning out to be).  One other thing I am doing this time around is working on only one border at a time. 

Next time you hear from me, you will be seeing a completed border that WILL fit the quilt. 


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you didn't have to take apart all of the scallops. Just think....this beautiful quilt is almost complete. I look forward to ooohing and aaaaahing over it.

  2. I knew you would figure out a way to fix it without having to take every last bit of it off! You go, girl! It's gonna be gorgeous!



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