Monday, April 19, 2010

Out of the box.....

Ok, this is the next UFO that I am committed to finish and it is out of it's "acid-free" box.  As you can see, I started "Home Sweet Home" back in 2008 and my intention was to have the top done by June of 2009.

I am sure you are wondering WHY I would put this quilt away when most of the work was done.  Well, it is because of these borders.

Well, actually it was my being anxious to get it done at this point and instead of measuring and remeasuring, I figured I would just cut out the borders to the size the pattern called for and slap those silly scallops down and just applique them in place.  If I made sure that I didn't stretch them or distort them, they should fit to size....right?  Wrong!!!  and of course I had sixteen of them stitched down before I tried to put the outter ones on and at that point I thought I had better see if I needed to do some adjusting.   Welllllll, there was just too much adjusting that needed to be done and I got frustrated and that's where the acid free box came in. 

All the other scallops have been waiting patiently, but I need to sit down and take proper measurements and then I have to make a decision as to whether or not I want to start tearing out stitches (not sure how easy that is going to be with silk thread and very close stitches) or cut new borders and 16 new scallops.  I have enough scallop fabric to do that and I thought I had enough of the background fabric to make new borders but it wasn't in the box, so I will have to do some hunting before making any major decisions. 

I am going to see just what kind of work this is going to entail.  Maybe I won't have to remove ALL the scallops. That sure would make life easier.  I AM DETERMINED to get this top done this time around though. 

Any suggestions?


  1. Beautiful quilt...Hope ite gets done :)

  2. Are the borders longer than the center? If so, you could always add a little border of background fabric around the houses and then add the scallop borders. I would certainly try something else before I'd take all that applique work apart. I still haven't started my house quilt yet, but seeing yours again makes me want to get started on it.

  3. Well, you know that my suggestion is going to be "Wing It!"
    Don't even do the scallops! Do something else and make that quilt your own!

    I don't have any other suggestion........

  4. I would attempt to remove one, see how it goes and then decide. This is beautiful. And I see you are on top of the BOM, I've just been printing the patterns, it's my 2011 project ;-)

  5. Hey, you know me--Sharon and I are one the same page. Of course, knowing me I would throw out the scallops and do something else in a heart beat. My patience level is much lower than yours---hee,hee!

  6. Wow! Thanks for contacting me (you're set to no-reply so I thought I would post a comment here). Your quilt color choices are so different than the ones I chose - love yours also - always fun to see how different the same pattern looks just by changing up the fabric. I'll be watching closely to see how you make out with the borders - I would have thought the same as you and run into the same trouble. I'll let you do the leg work on this one! Thanks again for leaving me a message. - Marlene


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