Monday, April 19, 2010

#7 is DONE!!!

Did my embroidery on this block and it is now done.  All cherries are no longer floating in air.

Started this block on the 10th and it is done on the 18th (very late).  I  think I made pretty good time on this one. 

Next on the agenda is.....almost hate to say it out loud, but I have a UFO that I had planned on having done (at least the top) back in June 2009.  Ran into a problem because I failed to take some measurements and because it didn't fit, I got frustrated and stuck it away.  I promised myself I would work on this one next.  I may be either starting new borders or ripping out applique on the present borders.  

Now, I did hear from my quilter and my black and cream toile quilt AND the painted daisy quilt are done, so that does mean bindings have to be made and attached, but I am going to force myself to stick to my guns and work on the "for now" unnamed quilt.  Once I figure out what I am going to do (have to do some measuring and refiguring), I will post a picture of the center of my quilt. 

For now....I have until the 10th of May before the next Beyond the Cherry Trees BOM comes out, so that should give me plenty of time to get some other things accomplished. 


  1. I love how your block turned out. You did a wonderful job. You have inspired me to get started on mine.

  2. Looking great! I can't wait to see this one done.

  3. It's just wonderful! That's a lot of cherries and you finished them quickly in my book!

  4. It looks beautiful you DID get that done quickly!



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