Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coming to life.....

Just laying out the "large"(and I do say that with tongue in cheek) cherries onto the block, I can see this block coming to life.  Who would have thought that these little large cherries would make such a difference?

Here are the circle templates used to create the two different sized cherries.

They are SMALL!!!  Large and small....are small. 

This pile consists of the smaller cherries.

Now that all the cherries are stitched down, there is some embroidery that needs to be done for some of the thin stems attaching some of the cherries to the larger stems. 

I do have to admit that doing a quilt like this, it is so less daunting when doing it as a BOM or the sheer number of cherries, or the number of leaves would just make you want to run the other way; but in the end, I think I may have a very beautiful  quilt that will be desired by one of my children...hopefully!

So, I am going to get to that embroidery and the next time you see this block, it will be DONE!!!


  1. The last photo put a smile on my face....Just love how cute they look!

  2. What a difference those berries made to this block. I can't wait to see it finished.


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