Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, I set myself a goal to have my "painted daisy" quilt top finished by the 10th.  My last post on the blocks showed a layout that was from the original pattern, but I changed it out a bit.

What I did was make some  mirror images of the original block to start with and alternated them.  Then I laid them out in the design that I had in my mind's eye.  By the way, the blocks finish out at 9 1/2". 

 A year and a half ago, along with all the black and white fabrics(other than the three that I was short and had to pull from my stash), the chartreuse and the yellow center, I purchased this great dasiy fabric for the border.

Then tonight after work, I ran to the quilt shop in town to see what I could find for a backing and found the best daisy fabric.  It even has yellow centers like the appliqued blocks.  It was made for it and it took me all of five minutes in the store to decide it was perfect.

So......I made my goal and even one day early by getting my top all done.  I did have to piece the heck out of my chartreuse fabric to get the 1" inside border, but that's ok.  At least it all matches. 

This is "my" painted daisy quilt and since I made a few changes from the original pattern, I am going to have to come up with an original name for it; but HEY!!!  it's done!!!!


  1. Awesome Faye!
    Glad to see that one finished!

  2. Wow, this is a fantastic quilt !

  3. That's so pretty Faye! I love it ..... the chartreuse fabric makes it sing. What's the finished size?

  4. It's darling Faye and the backing is perfect for it. Congratulations on the "on time" finish. Now on to the next project.

  5. That is really beautiful! I love black and white and yellow. I have the same fabric as your backing ~ don't you just love it!

  6. Ok...I am just in love with this quilt! Your quilt and your work is just wonderful, and I am so glad I found your blog.


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