Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trouble with UFOs....

If they become too old, you can forget what you were doing.  At least that is what I have been finding for the last two that I have been working on. 

These blocks are from a pattern called Painted Daisy.  I don't have the pattern, but someone at a retreat was making this quilt in batiks and it was so beautiful, but the one that really struck me the most was the one black and white one she had done.  So...on my way home from the retreat, I stopped at a quilt shop and bought a variety of blacks (in the number that I thought I would need), the yellow for the centers and the chartreuse for the stem and leaf.  Then I drew up a rough sketch of the pattern as I remembered it.  This was a year and a half ago.  I think I remember even drawing out the layout that I wanted. 

Well, I pulled the blocks out a couple days ago.  All my backgrounds were sewn together, all the flower and leaf petals were made and the edges starched over, and all the flower centers were made, but do you think I can remember how I was going to lay it out?  I thought I remembered, but then I am short three was I thinking of something else?  I don't know.

This is the layout that the gal at the  retreat  was using.  I know I was going to do something a little different, but I am still short some blocks.  I have these four totally sewn down.  There are nine others that are prepped and ready to sew.  I am going to have to go through my stash to see what other blacks I have to make the extra three blocks that are needed. 

I pulled this UFO with the intention of only working on it for a day or two but it is going so quickly, that I might just keep at it until it is finished.  I am hoping to do that before #6 Cherry Tree BOM comes out because I really want to stay on top of that one.

I did mention that the last UFO I was working on also had some problems.  This was the toile one that was going to be made bigger and then I just decided to get it done at the size it was. I spoke of this one a week or so ago (a blog post or two ago).  When I opened that box, there were a bunch of blocks already made and I thought that I was all set to make my border, but most of those blocks didn't even go with this quilt.  Don't know why they were made the way they were made, but they will just be some orphan pieces.  So, I had to make the extra blocks that were needed and now that top is done and hopefully going to the quilter this coming weekend. 

So, the lesson here is not to let a UFO sit too long  or it may take a totally different direction than what you originally intended. 


  1. Those blocks are so pretty! You should definitely keep working on it. :)

  2. Those blocks are adorable! I love B&W w/chartreuse.

  3. This is going to be a cute quilt and I really like the layout for your flowers. Since you had quite a few backgrounds made, I bet your original layout accomodated just that many blocks.

  4. Wish I could help you remember what your intention was with those...It wasn't a vertical setting, was it? I remember you putting them up on the design board that way one time.
    Ugh. The price we pay for procrastination!

  5. I'm so pleased to see those again!

    That's funny about UFOs taking a different direction. I have some old ones that I might really like to change, applying ideas or techniques I've learned since then.



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