Saturday, February 20, 2010

What was I thinking?

I am committing myself.....or maybe I should commit myself.  Not sure which.  If I post this "UFO", I am hoping to get it done and onto the "to be quilted" list.

These are  close ups of the two blocks that are in this quilt.

The pattern is in the December 2002 McCall's Quilting magazine.  I sure hope this hasn't been a UFO since then.  I am thinking not, but you know how UFO's can get lost in the scheme of things.  The name of the pattern is "Holiday Elegance", but my plan all along was to name it "My Greenfield Village".  If you are familiar with Henry Ford's Museum and Greenfield Village here in Michigan, you will understand, but this toile reminds me of that great historic area.

Anyways, I was really on a roll with this quilt as I was making it.  I had bought the toile and the black without knowing exactly what pattern I was going to use.  After seeing this pattern, I figured this is where I was going to use these fabrics.  I then went and bought the shirting that is in the sashing.  

I told myself that I loved this toile so much that I ordered more online so that I could make the quilt bigger  than the  66 1/2" x 78 1/2".  Luckily I had no problem finding the toile, but I did have a hard time finding the black which was a Moda tone on tone rose pattern.  So, knowing I didn't have enough black, I went on a search and buying binge for blacks.  I bought a  sateen black (3 yards) and just figured I would make the additional blocks go all the way around that portion of the quilt that was already made, but the black just wasn't right, so I bought 2 yards of Kansas City Troubles black tone on tone, but I just wasn't satisfied, then I bought a Moda tone on tone black dot which I later figured was too contemporary for this quilt.  That dot fabric I sold to a friend who was making a dot quilt for her granddaughter and she used it for her sashings on her quilt and it turned out great. 

Anyways, way too much time has passed on this quilt; and now I have decided that I don't love the toile as much as I did when I bought it.  There are much more appealing (to me) toiles out there.  I am liking the black and brown toiles so much better than this black and cream one.  So I have decided to just add the final border and call it done. 

 I have a few of the pieces for the pieced border already made as you can see.

....and the center of the quilt is already finished..... I am going to finish the border and there is probably a good 4 more yards of the toile left over which I will make the backing out of.  I have plenty of blacks to choose from to make my binding (I'll roll my eyes here!!) and if I have to piece the backing to get it large enough, there will probably be enough of the shirting  and there are even some more of the snowball blocks cut out that I am sure I can get the right sized backing made without buying anymore fabric. 

So while I am waiting for block #6 of the Beyond the Cherry Trees Album Quilt to come out, I am going to work on a UFO. 

I think I will just commit to getting this one done and onto the quilter. 


  1. I like it & Finished is better than perfect is my motto. Congrats on another UFO finish!

  2. The fabric is lovely , the quilt is stunning--------cottonreel--There is a nice quilt on my blog you might like to look at

  3. It looks fabulous. Sometimes it'd just better to get it finished and move on. Just did that with a red/white one. It was like a weight being lifted! LOL.


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