Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finally Up-To-Date.....

Number 5 block is done!  Yeah! ...and double "yeah" because there was red in this block.

I didn't start this BOM until there were three blocks offered up as free and as I started my first one, #4 showed up.  Well, I was sure I would never get caught up.  In actuality, as one block was offered, it was only to be available for one month and by the time the next month's block was up, the first block would be locked out as free and then you would have to purchase it.  So, how lucky was I that 1-3 were still free when I came upon this BOM?  As soon as block #4 showed up, then 1-3 were locked out. 

Anyways, I have been working like a dog to get these caught up so that I wouldn't fall too far behind and just possibly lose interest (although I am loving these blocks so much right now that I can't imagine losing interest).  So, I finished block #4 one day AFTER #5 was offered up.  Since this basket block was done in seven days, if I can keep this up, I don't think I will fall behind.  Now if I can only keep this up through 25 blocks AND a very leafy border with a bushel of berries to applique. 

So, here are all five blocks together on my design wall.  I think they are going to look great (at least in my mind's eye). 

This is going to be one BIG quilt (each are 17") and won't fit on my design wall for very long, but it sure is fun to just get an idea on how it is starting to look.

So, I now have until the 10th of March before #6 comes along.  I am hoping to get to some of my UFO's and get something totally completed there.  Since Beyond the Cherry Trees Album Quilt is going to take a while to complete, I need some satisfaction of getting a few other things done in the meantime.

So, please check back occasionally to see the progress of the "Cherry Trees".  I know I am axious to see its progress. 


  1. The varity of backgrounds is such a great touch!

  2. Wow...stunning blocks!! I just love those who can applique so beautifully.

  3. Looks great, Faye! I'm looking forward to doing a few of those blocks....maybe I can just pick out just my 4 favorites????
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Gorgeous blocks!!! I will watch your progress for sure.

  5. I just printed block 5 but I haven't made any yet. I LOVE your choices,

  6. Hi, Are the blocks appliqued by needleturn? They are beautiful. sandra

  7. Thank you ladies. Yes, the blocks are all needle turned. I will be starting block #6 in the next day or two. I am really anxious.


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