Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 first

My wool project is done!! Yeah.....and I love it. Working with wool is so easy and fun. Right now it is on my sofa/dining room table. So this is a good start for 2010.

Later this month, I am attending a Gwen Marston seminar/class at a local guild and we are doing her Liberated quilting in solids. So, I had placed an order online from Hancocks of Paducah and Equilter and came up with these solids.
As if I don't have enough fabric to keep me busy for at least two years, I went to Lake Street Mercantile ( and started collecting fabrics for an on-line BOM that I want to do. No... I should change that. Not that I "want" to do, but that I "am" going to do since I bought so much fabric for it.
Beyond the Cherry Trees Album Quilt is found over at Sentimental Stitches.
Like I said though.....I have so much fabric that I probably shouldn't have been buying more and I was getting to feel that this little guy outside the window of the quilt shop was the little devil on my shoulder telling me to do it; and my friends weren't much help either (other than helping me pick out great fabrics, of course).
So, this is the stash that I started collecting. For some of the fabrics, there may be too many and the greens, I will need more. I even went so far as to buy the backing for this quilt (so now it is really feeling like a commitment). I think I should be committed.

The majority of these fabrics are from the Rouennerie's by French General line of fabric by Moda.
Another good thing is that I am starting out the year with a clean and neat sewing room. Of course, you see that I am not showing you the inside of my cupboard nor the inside of my large double closet. After cleaning off just two shelves in the cupboard to make room for stuff that was lying around and seeing just how many projects from piles of fabric with patterns with it, to finished blocks, to nearly finished quilts, I was depressed and thought it would not be good for my health to clean out the rest of the shelves let alone the closets. I did get my buttons hung on the wall after finding them on one of those two shelves, so that was a good thing.

I had to make room for my Sew Ezi table anyways. There is room against the wall for it and I can move it to the large sewing table in the crook between the two extending sides which gives me lots of flat surface to put a quilt on while I am sewing with this table.
Anyways, it is a good way to start out the year. Makes me want to go in there and sew and not just use that room as a dumping ground.
So....happy new year and happy sewing, too!!!


  1. Wow - a finish already! Good for you! Your pineapple wool project is lovely. Keep warm.

  2. Congrats on that finish! I cant wait to see the first of your new applique blocks. I'm thinking of getting out some of my scraps and trying out a block or 4 of that one!

  3. Happy New Year to you and I love your fabrics for the Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt. Your quilting room looks wonderful!!!

  4. So much to comment on. Love how the wool project turned out and can't wait to see the applique blocks each month. I'd love to have your sewing room with all that sunshine flooding the room. Now that it's clean we expect great things from you!


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