Sunday, July 26, 2009

I can't count!

I said I had a dozen Hearts and Hands blocks completed. To my surprise once I put them all together to gaze upon them, sigh and smile because I am so pleased with myself, I find that I have 15!!! Yeah. Now the bad news. I only have 102 to go. :( Oh well.

On a brighter note, my hubby had his 1971 Nova at a car show over at Coyote Joe's last weekend and the "people" from a car magazine were there taking pictures. His car is going to be featured, along with a few others, in a magazine called Cruise News. I don't know all that much about it, but he is all excited as I am sure most other car guys could relate.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hanging on for dear life....

I just found this a little funny this afternoon.

I thought I saw a feather fluttering in the wind on my side mirror, but it was the prettiest chartreuse bug (although the color isn't showing up as bright) that was "hanging on for dear life" this afternoon while I was coming home from seeing my new grandson. Now mind you, he was hanging on for a good 30 minutes and I was going 80 mph on the highway. Of course, I had my camera to take pictures of Cole today so once I slowed down to about 50 mph, I tried to take a shot of him because it was so funny and he was so pretty (you know....quilter's just love color!! LOL). I was afraid if I waited until I stopped, he would fly off...which he did once I got to a light. Anyways, I was really impressed with his ability to hold on at that speed and for as long as he did. Sometimes the simpliest of things make me laugh....oh well

As I mentioned, I got to see my grandson today. He is 9 days old. His momma gave him his first bath, which he wasn't too crazy about, but afterwards was pretty content and slept like a "baby".

Even though I had been pretty busy with the birth of my grandson and taking care of my other two grandsons while everyone else was at the hospital, I have made some progress on my Hearts and Hands blocks this week. It pays to have some of them prepped before hand; and that is why I have been able to complete four and the fifth one is almost finished. The one on the right still needs 1/4 of it stitched down which I plan on doing tonight. This makes 12 blocks completed now. Still have plenty to go, but I am making progress.

I think I will go prep some more..... happy quilting everyone!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This is what life is all about.....

My third grandson, Cole, was born today and he is a beautiful gift.

His brothers were in awe of him.

Mom and Dad are extremely happy; and Cole is fortunate enough to have two sets of grandparents, four great grandmas, two great grandpas and a step great grandpa. Life just isn't better than this.

Monday, July 13, 2009

....more Hearts and Hands

Little by little I will be posting my progress on my Hearts and Hands blocks.

This is going to be one of those projects that I might be taking to the "home" with me, but I do love it so far and the closer I get to the finish, just maybe the quicker I will work on them. I certainly have a large enough stash to make a huge variety of blocks, but for now, I have these four to show off. The two applique ones were started while I was at the AQS Paducah show and the two paper-pieced ones I worked on at my retreat last month. So....last night I decided to finish them by appliquing the four circles in the centers. Now it is time to choose some more combinations of fabrics and move on to the next few blocks.

By the way....ALL blocks will eventually be round (like the paper pieced ones), but working on a square background preserves the block from getting out of shape and is easier to work with.

Ok...enough talk, I am going to start another one!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Not very Summery......

but at least it is a project that is finally completed and that makes me happy.

I just finished these after starting them some time ago (like back in February). Both socks were completed up to the heel and that's where I was stumped. That's what I get for trying something new (never made socks before) and trying to do it from a "free pattern" that had to be converted from centimeters (something that I never learned in school since I am too old apparently!). Thanks to my friend, Eve, who attended the quilt retreat with me in June. She helped me with turning the corner (heel) on these socks and I am so thankful.

The yarn was a self striping yarn. The Design line was called Regia by Kaffe Fassett. Guess I won't be wearing them until next winter, but I am so happy that they are done!!! I'll try another pair now that I know how to turn the heel, but first I have some other unfinished knitting projects to get back to, too.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, at least they are the good kind of monsters.

Five years ago my oldest daughter started a monster quilt for her first born and it never got finished. Too busy I guess. Then along came #2 child and now #3 (who will be the last) is on his way in just a few days. She asked me to take the blocks that she had made and put it together, quilt it and just plain ole finish it so that baby Cole could have it for decorating his room. The four center monsters were done except for machine quilting them down, each of the other blocks were made (except for one, which I had to do), and all sashing was in pieces to be put together. I took all her pieces with me to my quilt retreat and made it my first priority to get it finished. I then left it with Shirley from KY to quilt it and just got it back in the mail yesterday.

There was a pattern out around the time she started this quilt with 12 different monsters. She didn't want 12 and didn't want to have to buy the pattern, so she decided to design her own monsters.

The pieced blocks were "1st Saturday blocks" at our local quilt store. You buy the first kit for $5 on the first Saturday of the month. Next month you come back with your completed block and you get the next one free. So in essence, all 12 of your blocks cost you only $5.

She did a pretty good job of piecing her blocks and for my part putting the quilt together was a breeze. I think I found the perfect fabric for binding this quilt (in St. Louis) and am really proud of myself for getting this done well in advance of Cole's arrival.

Also, since mom and dad bought him a "going home" outfit in blue and tan stripes, I couldn't resist making a little knitted cap to match.

Ok, tap, tap, tap....I am now patiently waiting for little Cole to arrive.

I said I wouldn't......

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