Sunday, July 26, 2009

I can't count!

I said I had a dozen Hearts and Hands blocks completed. To my surprise once I put them all together to gaze upon them, sigh and smile because I am so pleased with myself, I find that I have 15!!! Yeah. Now the bad news. I only have 102 to go. :( Oh well.

On a brighter note, my hubby had his 1971 Nova at a car show over at Coyote Joe's last weekend and the "people" from a car magazine were there taking pictures. His car is going to be featured, along with a few others, in a magazine called Cruise News. I don't know all that much about it, but he is all excited as I am sure most other car guys could relate.


  1. Your "hearts & hands" are beautiful but now tell me - you have 102 to go .... how small are these blocks? Your photos have been deceiving me.

    Congrats to your DH - nice car!

  2. Finished circles will be 5 1/4".

  3. your blocks are lovely. I purchased this book about 2 years ago and since I really did not know how to hand applique I made a few blocks with the raw edge technique and I did not like the look.
    I hope to do this project later on in life when I have a bit more patience for such small details.
    Your workmanship is outstanding.

  4. Hearts and Hands are looking good. I only have seven done and they have been sitting in a box. Maybe I need to get them out again. Yours have gotten me inspired again.

  5. Love the Hearts & Hands....And tell Mike the car looks awesome!


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