Friday, July 3, 2009


Well, at least they are the good kind of monsters.

Five years ago my oldest daughter started a monster quilt for her first born and it never got finished. Too busy I guess. Then along came #2 child and now #3 (who will be the last) is on his way in just a few days. She asked me to take the blocks that she had made and put it together, quilt it and just plain ole finish it so that baby Cole could have it for decorating his room. The four center monsters were done except for machine quilting them down, each of the other blocks were made (except for one, which I had to do), and all sashing was in pieces to be put together. I took all her pieces with me to my quilt retreat and made it my first priority to get it finished. I then left it with Shirley from KY to quilt it and just got it back in the mail yesterday.

There was a pattern out around the time she started this quilt with 12 different monsters. She didn't want 12 and didn't want to have to buy the pattern, so she decided to design her own monsters.

The pieced blocks were "1st Saturday blocks" at our local quilt store. You buy the first kit for $5 on the first Saturday of the month. Next month you come back with your completed block and you get the next one free. So in essence, all 12 of your blocks cost you only $5.

She did a pretty good job of piecing her blocks and for my part putting the quilt together was a breeze. I think I found the perfect fabric for binding this quilt (in St. Louis) and am really proud of myself for getting this done well in advance of Cole's arrival.

Also, since mom and dad bought him a "going home" outfit in blue and tan stripes, I couldn't resist making a little knitted cap to match.

Ok, tap, tap, tap....I am now patiently waiting for little Cole to arrive.

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  1. I love this quilt and I think that 12 monsters would have been too much. The quilt is ready before the baby ..... that's perfect!



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