Friday, June 26, 2009

Prizes, gifts and purchases....

You can't go on retreat without coming back from it with prizes, gifts and definitely purchases.

This picture shows the animal print quilt that I got from my roomie, a hand-made picture frame, a dust mitt, Fons and Porter necklace scissor holder, a cross stitched book mark (Gail made one for all of us and each and everyone of them had a different quilt block on them), a FQ of sunflowers that wrapped my exchange gift of 6 FQ of baby fabrics from Darla, hand-made wood turned earrings, three storage boxes and a Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Christmas ornament. Most of these were on the gift table that we got to choose from when our names were pulled from the hat.

These are my purchases. Got carried away when it came to wool. I bought a kit (pineapple) wall hanging or table topper, a pattern with wool Christmas stockings, silk thread, a stripe fabric to bind my grandson's baby quilt, another stripe....just because; a sage colored polka dot tea towel, wool floss, a good 4 oz of wool scraps and a yard of yellowish toile only because I was afraid that if I left the store without it I would be upset.

Of course, the majority of the purchases were made at Quilts Plus and if you bought a kit, you got the shopping bag. I think she told me if I bring it back next time, I will get something like 10% off my purchase. :D Believe me..... I will be taking that bag with me next year.

Well, I have already incorporated some of my gifts into the house and this is the stained glass, 9-patch piece that my car mate, Sheila, gave me AND she gave me the "antique quilts" plaque that is already in my cupboard by my antique quilts.
It's always fun to come home from retreat and pour over all these little treasures. I think I will go fondle some of that wool now.

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  1. I love that I can click on your pictures and they enlarge. With them enlarged I can see all the wonderful treasurers you acquired. Love, love, love the toile you bought. The animal print quilt is so cute.


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