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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Strawberry Margarita....

Finally got something totally done to show. This quilt was made with the fabric line called "Strawberries and Lemonade"and reminds me of Summer fun and a cool and refreshing Summer drink, thus the name, Strawberry Margarita.

The back was made with two color ways of the strawberries and I used what looks like a "zipper method" to put the two colors together. Also, to avoid having to do a binding on a zig zaggy edge, I added a straight border of the pink and red dots. I used the same fabric for the binding.

This quilt came about when I won a tower of fat quarters while at a retreat in St. Louis, MO in June of 2008. I will be attending this same retreat next month and wanted to have this tower made up in a quilt to show off at our next show-n-tell. The pattern is called "Merry-go-Round" and it is an American Jane pattern measuring approximately 65 x 85". I used up almost every square inch of this tower. What few scraps were left over, I hope to get a small baby quilt made.

Speaking of this quilt retreat, I have to mention that it is made up of a great bunch of gals that all came together on a chat at Alex Anderson's website. A few years ago, some of the gals starting meeting for a retreat in the "middle" of the United States. Thus the name RIM (retreat in the middle). I did not attend the first get together, but I have been to all the other ones since and have made some great friends from Maine to California. I believe I have been to four of these retreats and hope to go to many, many more.

Anyways, my "Strawberry Margarita" is the first of the four quilts that I just got back from the quilter, so you will be seeing some more quilts very soon.
Thanks for looking in! the way Gail...did this one first for you!!! :D


  1. Mimi! LOL - glad I could help you out by insisting you finish this one first. It's absolutely lovely, so spring-like as well. What a cool idea to join your backing like that - love it!

  2. Love it Chickie! You do nice work!