Sunday, May 17, 2009

Serenaded all day long....

This was the first time in a long time that I have spent the "whole" day in my sewing room. I so needed this. It certainly put me in a happy mood, too. I have either been too busy or have been procrastinating for whatever reason or whatever my excuse is, but once I got in there and knew I had the whole day to myself, I really accomplished a lot. There won't be any pictures until I can show you a completed project, but I did get a baby quilt to the point of quilting it (it has to be done in a couple weeks for the shower), two large quilts got their bindings sewn on and are ready to have them hand stitched down, I mended the lining of a leather purse for my daughter (but I didn't think that was worthy of a picture) and I cut out a pair of "monkey" pants (lounge pants, pajama bottoms.... I have not idea where the name monkey pants came from!)

But back to the explanation of the title of this post. All day long.....and I mean ALL DAY LONG, there was what sounded like a flock of baby birds calling their mom and dad to "feed me!!!". They barely stopped to swallow whatever little goodies that were brought to them before they started calling them again. They were some hungry little guys. Anyways, I have these two birdhouses right outside my sewing room window and with all the noise that was being made, you would have thought that either my window was open or they were in the room with me. So....I had to go out and finally look to see what all the commotion was about and I wasn't sure which birdhouse all the noise was coming from. It was either of these two birdhouses.

But what do I see in the lilac tree that is right next to my window, but this little guy. He was the only baby bird out there and he was the one making all the noise. He was a cutie!

Actually, I looked at it all as being serenaded the whole time I was sewing. I didn't even turn on the TV because it was so interesting listening to him call his parents. Now mind you.... if I were that mother bird, I think he would have been driving me crazy, but all-in-all it was a good day. It's Spring, the birds are singing and I got to sew ALL DAY LONG!!!

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