Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look at what I won!!!!

On the Minick and Simpson blog(http://minickandsimpson.blogspot.com/), they were hosting a giveaway if you had a story about airport security or one of your favorite treasures, so I wrote a little blurb about one trip I took coming back from a quilt retreat with a group of online quilters. For this retreat a couple of the gals' husbands made wood products as door prizes and I was the winner of a toy horse.

Well, I am not a good flyer and I find going through security quite nerve wracking as you are putting your stuff in baskets, purse in one, cameras, anything that you are carrying on, taking off your shoes, trying to rush and get this all done and get through in a short period of time. Well, I had put the horse through first and proceeded to take care of everything else when one of the security people came up to me and asks me a question and in my panic thinking I have done something wrong or look guilty or like I am a blue-eyed, blonde terrorist or something like that, I look doe-eyed at her and say "what?" and she repeats it again and I am sensing all my things are going through security before I am; and I am starting to worry about my purse....she repeats it and she is asking me if I had checked a horse. I said "yes" and looked down the line to see that the guy ahead of me is wrapping the straps of his bag around my horse. I grabbed my horse, all my belongings and take off in a huff for my flight. If she hadn't been paying attention, I would have gone home without my horse and my little grandson would not have gotten his present.

Anyways, this little blurb won me a pre-cut Moda fabric, a surprise off their prize table and a pattern from them.....AND this is what came in the mail today! What fun!!! It's a charm packet from Moda called Harmony; Minick and Simpson's pattern called Brrrr Park and a pie bird. I love them all!!! If you would like to see all the other stories submitted for this giveaway you can check their blog and look at their March 24 submission.

I feel so lucky lately!!!!


  1. Oh what fun to win something like that - so glad that someone was paying attention to your horse.



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