Monday, February 23, 2009

Little bits at a time....

Been pretty busy gutting a bathroom (with another to come, too) which I will share with you all once I have pictures of the before and after.....and believe me "after" can't come soon enough; but for my sanity, whenever I get a chance to work on something quilty-wise or knitting-wise, I grab that little bit at a time to get something accomplished to maintain my sanity.

Of course, it doesn't help when I get stuck on some projects and keep moving on to the next one until I am stuck on it. I am just going to have to make a run to the yarn shop and get me over the hump of my problems. So, anyways, I have both socks done up to the heel and have ripped out heels twice because they just aren't looking right. I have the back of my sweater done past the armpits, but I don't like how it is looking at the increase point for the armpits, so I have stopped there until I find out what I am doing wrong. I am showing the yarn that I bought for the hat in the picture. There is a crochet floor wash rag; and because the I-cord wrapped tubing broke free during the felting of my purse, I have made two new I-cords and am going to cut off the old ones and re-felt the handles and then this purse will be ready for a lining.

As for quilting, all I have accomplished is sewing together the binding strips and getting it pressed and ready for the black and white quilt.

Can't wait for life to return to normal....or at least as normal as it gets....but it will be awhile with two bathrooms to gut and re-do, so bear with me.

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  1. The socks are really cute. I hope you figure out those darn heels. Won't it be great to finally use that darling purse. I didn't remember you saying you got the baby quilt quilted. You're just rolling along. I love the stripe for the binding. Striped fabrics for bindings are my favorite.


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