Friday, February 20, 2009

Busy day today.....

Got up early to put together a couple batches of cookie dough as my boys were coming over to bake cookies with their Mimi. We were supposed to do this during the Christmas holidays, but a family emergency kind of steered us in another direction, so today was the day.

Baking cookies with a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 1/4 year old is a bit much to handle alone, so their mom (my oldest dear daughter) and my youngest dear daughter came along to help out. I rolled and the boys cut out and decorated. I am sure I will be finding colored sugar in the oddest places for a few days to come.

I did manage to get the borders sewn on my Crows in the Corner...two yesterday; and before the boys showed up and one this evening. Now comes the applique in two corners of the border.

Also, cut out binding for the black and white baby quilt that I put together at my last retreat. This is a picture showing the cute backing, a portion of the quilt and what I think is going to be a great bindings (stripes).


  1. Oh what fun! Baking cookies with kids is such a joy. My DD loves to bake with me.

    The black and white with a splash of colour is gorgeous - love it.

  2. Pic's are too cute! Good memories for those little ones. Love the crow's quilt! I sure don't remember you going to do that one.

  3. It looks like you girls were having as much fun as the boys. Marisa looks just like you except for the dark hair. I'm loving the pink and brown quilt more and more. Make sure you bring it to our next sewing marathon.


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