Friday, January 23, 2009

Running out of things to do?....

Heaven's no! But....that didn't stop me from going to a yarn shop today. I had intended on only buying the needles that I needed to get my socks started, but going into a yarn shop is almost as bad as going into a quilt shop. There are all the colors to drool over, then you have to feel all the nubby textures and feel all the soft yarns.

I did buy my needles for the socks and I just did my "gauge" which is pretty right on, but gee whiz, I could have had half the first sock done by now with as many rows as I had to make for the gauge. Well, at least now I know I am ready to get at them.

Of course, the problem today was that I could not walk out of this adorable yarn shop without taking something beautiful home. I ended up finding a fairly simple pattern for a short sleeved sweater in the magazine called Knitscene. I bought four skeins of this luscious 100% superfine Australian merino wool in the color called "beach fog". I made up my gauge in that, too, tonight and I can see that it is going to make up really pretty.

Well, it's kinda late to get started on the "real" projects tonight, but I think I will pick up the next Hearts and Hands block that I have prepped and get busy on that. So you can see, I am NOT running out of things to do. If anything, instead of getting anything "done", I just keep adding to the list. I guess it's time to get busy and just maybe I will have something to post that is 100% finished. Soon....I hope!

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  1. Love the sweater pattern and yarn. I can't wait to see how it works up. Now I have to find that book.



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