Monday, January 12, 2009

Grand Prize has arrived.....

This is the Grand Prize for the AQS online quilt contest that I just recently won. I told my husband that I wanted progressive pictures when it did arrive, but he wasn't sure that the UPS guy would wait around for him to find the camera. Didn't have to worry about that since they left it on my snowy front porch. It was left outside freezing its little electrodes off.

Hubby did get some pictures of it sitting outside.

It's making its way into the house so it can wait for me to come home.

Once home I got to open up the box. The poor thing was so cold from being outside that I haven't even turned it on. I thought it would be wise to wait for it to warm up in the house. So, I took off for my guild meeting (it was hard leaving it so soon).

Well packed.

Snug as a bug!

Here it is! The Elna 8600 Xplore. Isn't she beautiful!

Well, looks like she will have to wait until tomorrow for me to give her a try. I know this is driving DH crazy as he has been reading me the owners manual while I have been trying to post , but I want to have plenty of time to play and tomorrow night after work will be the day.

Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you.


  1. Hurray!
    And kudos to Mike for understanding the need for the progressive photos. He's a good sport.
    Looking forward to seeing what you can dreate with that lovely machine!

  2. yep, it DOES look like it just waltzed into your house!
    you may come home tonight to find that your dh has taken it for a spin. ;o)



  3. I can't wait to see what this bungle of technology can do. Congratulations again on your win!

  4. Hurrah! Can't wait to hear what it all does. Aren't you excited!


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