Thursday, January 8, 2009

3 down, 114 to go.....

Oh, I shouldn't have put it that way! At this rate this quilt is going to take me until 2020 to complete; but I thought I would share the next couple blocks that I have completed. Of course, they will have to be cut into circles, but for now and for their protection, I am leaving them square. This is going to be my "caf'e au lait" quilt....creams, browns and blacks.

Ha! Just looked at the pattern and noticed I made one of my blocks wrong. That's what I get for not referring to the pattern. Oh well, I guess you can call it a "design decision", because I am not going to change it now!

Also, thought I would show you the progress on my felted purse (actually, to be felted). The ruffle is on and the next step is the cocoa colored handles. I have to purchase some tubing that will make the handles firm, so hope to do that this weekend.

Hey...I seem to have a cream and brown thing going here! Hmmmm......


  1. I don't know which block is incorrect, but they all look wonderful to me.

  2. So I'm wondering why, of the 4 Quilties, I am the only one who Does Not have this pattern???
    It looks so darn fun. I might have to cave in and break my No Buying Pledge!
    They are beautiful, and I like that fact that you created an origional block.

  3. I love the purse. Can't wait to see it finished


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