Thursday, November 7, 2019

This is the week of commitments.

Definitely going to be a busy week this week.  

I just finished quilting two  memory quilts for a customer.

Both are done in a stipple/meander pattern.

Then each were  bound by me in chartreuse fabrics.

Then there is the guild's Sew-In Day that the committee and I have been prepping for some time now.  Sure hope we have enough kits for the ladies.  Everything needs to be gathered, loaded into the car, unloaded at guild and then the fun begins.  

Well, Sew-in Day is now a thing of the past and I have to say it was a success mostly due to Nancy, Sharon and my putting together some really pretty kits.  We had 31 of our 60 members show up for the sew-in.  

Here are some of the busy bees today  and some of the completed quilt tops/quilts that came out of all of our  hard work.

After I recuperate from that, I have to get back to the commissioned quilt.  I almost have the top done.  All it needs is its sashing. (navy)

Then I need to quilt and bind it, too.  

There will be guests from out of town this week, house to clean, meals to make....all those mundane things before I can get back to my regular sewing (and knitting I hope).  There are only six of my own quilts that need quilting at this point. There may be even a couple more of them hiding that I have forgotten, but I don't want to think about that now.  

Ok....just need to get through this week and hopefully life will return to normal....whatever that is.


  1. Looks like you had a successful charity sew day! Love the strippy quilt with the center piece with the three top and bottom borders. Great use of fabric!

  2. Please let us know about “normal days” - I think heading into the winter months/holidays for any quilter is far from “normal”! Sure looks like you and the guild ladies had a day full of accomplishment - a big part of that success being all the prep work you did to get ready. Hope you can find some hours to do some of your own stitching too.

  3. Yes, ….what are normal days? Looks like your sew days were very much a successful and fun. Nice to have many hands to make great progress of those tops.



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