Sunday, December 2, 2018

Photo finishes...... (photo heavy)

Spin-Stitch poncho is complete.

Big Wool yarn, Cara Sweater went from skeins to sweater in one week.

After completing the Cara sweater, I decided to weave in a million and one threads (or so it  felt)  so I can call the Caramel sweater done.

Blocking it here.

Ready to wear on our beautiful 51* day in December.

Linked Up is on and off  the long arm.

 ....and  bound.

Binding is made for Kira and completed.

Then there was this belated wedding quilt (2 years ago) that I needed to somewhat deconstruct (make smaller), quilt and bind for a friend.  It's a bit under wraps because it is going to be gifted but I just had to share the pantograph
I am using called "Cupid".  Perfect, right?

It, too, is bound and will be off to the customer this week.  

From the left over blocks that I had removed from the wedding quilt, I threw together a top with some added solids and quilted it with a minky backing.  Their little one-year-old is going to have a quilt just like mama and daddy.

Now I am ready to get this house prepped for the holidays.   

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  1. Gorgeous shade of red in your sweater - and perfectly posed next to that red tree - (is that a Japanese maple? - beautiful!) Your sweaters are wonderful and will keep you cozy during the winter. Love the quilting and finish on the Linked Up quilt...and such a pretty shade of blue.


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