Sunday, July 1, 2018

Christmas in July

Christmas in July wasn't planned here, but my next customer quilt that I finished today is a Christmas quilt.  In fact, I am going to name it "A Christmas Sweater".  

I have to admit that even knowing better, I kept touching this quilt thinking there has to be some texture resembling a sweater on this quilt.

There wasn't, but I still kept touching it thinking it would change. 

Anyways, things were going along just fine until I ran out of bobbin at one point and as I was changing the bobbin, I saw this little glint of something.

Can you see it there at the intersection?

I don't know how I could have missed this pin that was left in the quilt by the maker.  I had this quilt spread out measuring it.  I rolled it on to the rollers of the long arm.  My hands were running over this quilt to smooth it out (and touching it looking for that texture).  I never saw this pin....or felt it.  How fortunate that I ran out of bobbin just before getting to this point.  I cringe to think of the problems that could have arisen if I had hit that glass head pin with my needle.   A broken needle  can result in having to re-time the machine.  Ugh!  

Anyway......all is good.

I used the panto called Bush Berries with a dark gray So-Fine thread top and bottom.  

Here it is complete.

How about this backing?

It is as pretty as the front. 

Ok.....I am still on a roll here.  My fingers are itching to take out a knitting project (especially after working on this quilt), but I am going to refrain from doing it.  I still have some quilts on "that" pile.  One more that requires a panto and then there are a couple of custom quilts which will take some time.  We'll see how it goes.  

Merry Christmas (in July).

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