Friday, April 13, 2018

Knitting and sewing.....

While at my getaway to Pittsburgh last week (yarn shopping), I did pick up a couple of cute wool related fabrics.  With those in mind, I drafted a pattern and then made myself a couple of little bags.

These are called mini dump bags, dumpling bag or Japanese knot bags.  I looked and looked for a pattern on YouTube, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted so drafted my own pattern out on freezer paper this morning.  I wanted one with a flat bottom so that it would stand on its own.

These are little wristlet bags that hold a skein (ball) of yarn that you hang from your wrist while you knit away.  You can take them anywhere without the risk of having your ball roll away from you, getting tangled, getting dirty or unwinding itself.  

My sister-in-law bought a beautiful one at the show we attended and there was only one other one, but I didn't want to get the exact same one as hers.  They were reasonably priced, too; but you know.....sometimes when you "sew", you say...."I can do that".  Well,  I spent more time drafting that darn pattern than what it took to make it, so I guess in the long run it was worth it.  We did see these in a local quilt shop and they were priced quite high ($36.00).  They were made from a heavier fabric (kind of like canvas), but still.....I thought that was kind of expensive for what they are.  

Anyways, they are reversible, too.  The llama one above has a peachy interior with white/peach and pink dots.  Found that in my stash and thought it went well with this one.

The other one I made was with the sheep fabric I bought while there, also.

For this one I used a fusible interfacing and it stands up on its own a little better.  

Here you can see my skein of yarn inside.

Here's the reverse side.  

I am just in love with these little bags.

My next attempt will probably be making one that will hold two balls.  I may use a fleece interfacing or maybe batting and quilt it, too.  The possibilities are endless.  

That's it for today.  Gotta get back to the knitting so I can justify buying all that yarn last weekend.


  1. What a cute idea to hold your yarn!! Love them all!!

  2. Wow, so clever of you to design and make these darling bags on your own. I really like that they are reversible as well as super practical.

  3. Your adorable bag is so clever and the llama fabric is a smile maker. This is so much cuter than the plastic jar I use from Joann Fabrics...which I got out of a huge need to keep the yarn free of dog fur as it rolled across the floor. Happy knitting and sure hope you don’t get the huge snowfall we had over the weekend.

  4. Adorable!! So Cute!
    (Anonymous) Sharon

  5. Sounds like a great trip. Love the wools a the people watching.

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  6. Wow! You are so clever. They are really darling bags.


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