Sunday, October 8, 2017

Applique baskets....

Sheila sent this one to me all the way from California (I'm in Michigan).  

There was quite a bit of dimensional work on this one.....added flower petals, ruching, buttons, folded petals stuffed under other petals.  So, this was a first for me to quilt.  I hope I have done it justice and that she likes it.  

I did McTavishing around all the baskets after outlining all the applique.  This is very dense quilting.  

I did use So Fine thread top and bottom and since the backing on this quilt is the same as the outer border, I used a thread color that was darker called "Toast".  It matched really well with the floral print fabric.  I don't especially like using one color thread on top and another on the bottom as the threads can peek through when quilting, so keeping the same thread seems to be best to alleviate that problem.  

The outer border was done in piano keys.

You'll, also, see that in the 2" inner border, I did a feather variation.

In the above picture, you can see how well the thread blends into the backing.  

I am sure glad this one is done.  Like I said, it was very intense quilting and I was at it a little here and there for about a week.  I told myself that today was the day to get it done though and get it off the long arm and I met my goal.  

Now I am going to sit and knit; but tomorrow there is another customer quilt that needs to get loaded onto my Millie and that one will take precedence over knitting.  

So, happy quilting everyone.  


  1. (Anonymous) Sharon here.....that turned out amazing!
    Nice work! I hope you get a chance to relax tonight!

  2. Your McTavishing is super!!! Really like the way you worked around the ruching and other design elements...question for you - what is your choice when doing an appliqued quilt - should the actual applique such as flowers or birds be quilted over to flatten the area down?
    Beautiful job and your client will be thrilled!

  3. How fun to work on beautiful quilts like this One! Your quilting looks fabulous.


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