Sunday, May 7, 2017

Decision is made.....

Bronze it is.

I put out the request for opinions here on the blog as to which background worked best and I got a vote of 2 for camel and 6 for bronze.  I, also, asked on a private quilt group on Facebook and got 1  for camel and at last count 29 for Bronze.  

So, the order for 13 yards of Cherrywood Fabric has been placed.  If this order comes nearly as fast as the fat quarters came (four days!), I had better get busy on those last six blocks that need to be appliqued.

Once the fabric is here, I know it is going to be calling my name and I am going to want to cut into it  right away.  

Thanks to everyone who voted and gave an opinion.  Your opinions actually swayed me away from Camel. I know that I like black for backgrounds on other quilts, so it only makes sense to like the dark brown for showcasing my quilt blocks for this one.  

The excitement is building where it comes to finishing this quilt top.  


  1. (Anonymous) Sharon : I'm glad that bronze was the color choice. It should make for a very dramatic finish for those blocks....and I can only imagine how nice the quilting will look on that fabric!

  2. VERY exciting that you are getting so close to finishing these blocks!



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