Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cherrywood fabric has arrived!

Thirteen yards !!  Yikes

Ordered over the weekend.

Processed on Monday.

Arrived today (Wednesday)!!  

Now....that's service!!!

.....and to top it off, it's beautiful!

Now the pressure is on to get my Hearts and Hands blocks done.

I did get two more completed.

I am thinking there isn't enough contrast (the little commas) in this one, but will be lost in and amongst the other 116 blocks.

  I like this one but the blocks are getting more intense.

Four more to go.  

I guess there is no stopping now.....not when one is this close.  


  1. I am DO looking forward to seeing the next steps on this. It's going to be awesome!
    (Anonymous) Sharon

  2. Wow, that Cherrywood fabric is yummy gorgeous.
    Love you newest 2 applique' blocks.
    I'm on the edge of my seat now with anticipation for the announcement of your final 4!
    Super excited for you as I cheer from the sidelines - "Rah..Rah...Rah". (grin)

  3. Do you have to purchase the Cherrywood in pieces?

    1. Maximum pieces of Cherrywood fabrics are dyed in 2 yard increments.

  4. Those circles are a lot smaller than I thought they were - very beautiful!

  5. Lovely work as always!! The richness of colors that Cherrywood does is always amazing. There are 2 packets languishing in my stash that I have never cut into....



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