Monday, March 27, 2017


I have been doing a little nesting this week.

Since retiring, my goal was to get a lot of the projects that have been sitting in my sewing room done and a couple of those things were pillow shams and drapes.

The pillow shams were waiting for me to find the perfect fabric and I finally did.

I like the mixture of prints and just knew I would be happy with the big black and cream, linen/cotton, dot fabric for the shams in the guest bedroom.

The next project that has been waiting for a very long time (and I don't even want to hazard to guess how long this fabric has been sitting in the stash) is the drapes that I wanted to make for the master bedroom.  I have been perfectly happy with the 2" blinds that I have in there, but after making the check drapes for the guest bedroom, I was ready for that second layer of window treatment.  

I put my long ago custom drapery classes to work with this fabric.

This is what I came up with.  They are lined with Roc-Lon and I made loopy tabs for hanging.


Thank  goodness my thoughts when I bought this fabric were the same as when I finally got around to making them.  I had just enough fabric. 

It's amazing what a difference they make in the room.  

I may wrap my pleats up for a day or two (that's wrapping the pleats up in paper and then letting them sit for a day or two).  Once that is done, you remove the paper and  the pleats should lay perfectly.  

I have felt the need to finally get to these projects not only because they have been waiting  to be done for so long, but I would have resented putting them further down the "to-do" list when my services are going to be  required to chip in at my daughter's house.  She just bought a new house and I know there is going to be some sewing and painting projects that she is going to need help with.  That alone gave me the incentive to get busy on my own projects.  Plus, I put these two projects on my 2017 goal list back in January.  Feels good to check them off.  

Now on to quilting again.  


  1. Those drapes are beautiful! So glad you got them done so quickly!

  2. Hi There! This is Anonymous Sharon (I'm back in Mailer-Daemon Hell)!
    Just stopping by to say I love the drapes! SO glad you got those done so quickly!
    The room looks great.

  3. Just this past weekend, I was looking at a quilt book that has a pattern for pillow shams. I was thinking of making them.

  4. Such pretty pillow shams and your drapes turned out gorgeous! Congratulations on checking off 2 more of your To-Do projects.


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