Thursday, December 1, 2016

Few more memories from Thelma and Louise's saga......

I am still reveling in the memories of this great trip.

Waco to see Magnolia.

This is one picture that I did not share in the "silos" where a lot of the shopping took place.

Houston to attend thee quilt show.

Here's a upwards shot of a Chihuly chandelier that I thought was great inspiration for a quilt.

Then there was the vendor mall, of course.  

I didn't get away Scott free there, although I was very conscious of having to bring things back on the plane.

I purchased long arm rulers that I have been wanting. 

Just a little fabric for a specific quilt project.

A Christmas Wee One for the stand that I already have. It's a wool project.

A few "needed" doodads.

I couldn't pass up this shawl pin.  Unusual ones are hard to find and I just loved this one. 

Another Christmas wool project.

There were more things purchased at the show (shhh....they are gifts and there were purchases in Waco....more gifts)

Both of my wool projects are now prepped and ready to stitch, but that will be another post when I finally get around to finishing them.  

Then there was the plane ride home.  My sister-in-law and I had brought along knitting projects that we "saved" for this trip, but we found that each night we were so exhausted that no knitting took place until we were on the plane ride home.  

So, now I have my memories and my pictures and longing for time to slow down  so that I can find the time to be creative.   Hopefully my next post will be of my finished wool projects and my knitted project, too.  

There is quilting to do; and the holidays are upon us already.  So time will tell just how much I can get done.  


  1. I see you found some very nice treasures to purchase at the Vendor booths!
    Love that chandelier and also the picture inside the Silo at Magnolia's.
    Knitting on the plane ride home sounds like a wonderful way to unwind from your whirlwind trip to Market.
    Looking forward to future show & tell posts.

  2. I have read that there is a quilt shop in Waco. Did you pay a visit to it?
    The inside of the silo is wonderful! I had no idea what to expect.

  3. Love seeing all your treasures....some trips are extra magical and it sounds like this was one for you -
    In our huge art complex in Milwaukee, there is a stunning Dale Chihuly piece - first one I ever saw in person and it is breathtaking.



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