Saturday, August 27, 2016


This quilt has been on my "list" since I quilted it and was not happy with the red quilting thread on the white backing.  You can see what I had  to say about that here.

This project is OLD.  The blocks were won as a block lotto a few years ago and I finally decided to start finishing up some UFOs.  So, the binding has been cut for some time.  


I am 6 1/2 inches short!!!  How can that be?  I don't usually do that.  I used this red fabric for all my alternate blocks, the binding on this quilt and another quilt.  

Hmmmm......did I maybe use the wrong binding for the wrong quilt?


I searched high and low for any left overs and there are none; and that is probably because I am getting rid of any small pieces of fabric as I use them up in a quilt so  that I can pare down my stash a bit.  So, I added a piece that was  a close match.  Nothing like making this quilt even more undesirable for me.  

Then to top it off, I was going to sew on a binding (my daughter supplied this one) to one of her quilts that I had quilted for her quite a while ago. She hadn't gotten to it, so I thought I would help out.  It, too, is too small for the quilt.  Thank goodness I measured it BEFORE starting to sew it on the quilt.  Even though it is black....there are so many shades of black that I didn't want to add some of my fabrics, so she is hunting to see if she has anymore.  

I guess I just wasn't meant to do binding today.  

Ya's just been one of those days today.  We washed windows this morning and it has been raining all afternoon.  

Maybe I should just wait until tomorrow before trying anything else.  


  1. Good Plan..... tomorrow has to go better..... but you get big points for working on UFOs

  2. You have lots of company - somedays are like that! Sounds like we both have binding issues going on. Kudos to you though for tackling UFO's.

  3. Good for you for plugging on, and getting closer to finishing that quilt!

    In the meantime, could you come wash our windows? We could use some rain. ;-)

  4. Somedays things just don't go right, but look on the bright side, you didn't cut yourself with the rotary cutter or stab yourself with scissors, or cut a hole in the quilt. When you have days like this, the best thing to do is just make a cup of tea, sit in your chair and close your eyes awhile. Chocolate helps too if you have it. Blessings, Gretchen

  5. I know you are not happy with the red and white quilt but I still like it. Too bad you did not have the same red fabric to finish your binding but the quilt will have a story to tell in the future.

  6. I guess it was just one of those days! At least you're getting some UFO's checked off the list. I think the quilt is very pretty!

  7. I guess it just wasn't your day for binding!
    I can only imagine how frustrated you must have been when you realized the binding was too short.
    At least you can finally call your quilt "finished" now. Time to work on something that is enjoyable!



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