Friday, August 26, 2016


This quilt was loaded onto my Millie just a couple of days ago.  

It is a paper pieced courthouse steps with the center piece being only 1/2" square.

With it having so many straight lines, I chose the panto Espresso to compliment those straight lines with lots of swirls and curves.

Let me tell you....this panto is intense!  If you let your mind wander, you start taking a path you have already been on and then there is some ripping to do.  Ask me how I know!

Spent a good amount of time ripping last night because while stitching my mind was wandering about "things".  Did the "rippit"last night and decided to start fresh this morning.  

So today I was determined to stay focused.

Here are a couple of good shots of the stitching.  

As usual, my customer has great backings for her quilts.

With the white Glide on top and white Fil-Tec on the bottom, the texture really shows up well without detracting from the great piecing.   

So here is the completed quilt with no more ripping today....thank goodness.  

I think she will like it.  

Now to work on something  mindless (easy).  My brain needs a break!


  1. The curves of the quilting pattern look amazing on the courthouse steps blocks. Beautiful!

  2. She can't help but like it, it's gorgeous. You did a beautiful job!


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