Sunday, August 14, 2016

Grand Rapids AQS quilt show.

I hadn't mentioned it before, but I got to work the APQS booth at the Grand Rapids AQS Quilt show this past week.  This was a first for me and was quite the learning experience.  Long hours, lots of standing on your feet, but fun to meet so many people and talk about the machines that I love. 

I got to work with Angela from Quilted Joy who is a long-time friend of mine, too.  Tony, who is well known to all the APQS people out there was, also, in our booth and was a joy to work with.  He didn't make it into our picture above as he was off taking care of all your e-mails.  

We did set up on Tuesday; worked the booth Wednesday through Saturday and then there was a mad rush to get the booth tore down right after the show.  The whole week was a whirlwind.

I did get some opportunities to run through the show and see the vendors and the quilts.  I am sure you have seen many pictures of the quilts on other blogs, but here are a few of my favorites along with some of the awesome quilting that was done on them.

Love the stars, the colors and the falling bits.  

A mother's love (sigh!)

Love the quilting.

Another one that I loved the quilting. 

Loved the soft touch of dyeing that was done on these feathers.

This was just awesome.

Loved the neutral background with the pop of red.  

Loved the color on this one.  

Absolutely loved the movement in this quilt.  

More color!!!

This was just a "wow" quilt.  

The one good thing about working the show is that I didn't have time to dilly dally at each of the vendors which is when I find that I impulse buy.  I am sure they aren't happy to hear that, but I did have a mental list of what I wanted.  

Superior Threads was just a couple of booths away from us and I wanted to stock up on some thread. 

I bought a couple of pinks for a quilt that has been waiting on the TBQ pile for some time but I am waiting to get good enough to do it.  The yellow is for some future baby quilts.  The chartreuse and orange are my favs for baby quilts and I needed to restock on those two.  

The green is, also, for that quilt that is waiting for me to get good and the other three (tan, purple and dk gray) are just to have on hand.

Then I couldn't resist trying out a couple of variegated threads.  The green will work on any quilt that has a lot of green and the crayola colored one is another one that will look great on a baby quilt or one with colorful blocks on white......or maybe that is just my excuse to buy them.   

Also, I just had to try a metallic and see if I can work with it on my machine.  I have a quilt loaded on the Millie right now that I might just try this in some areas.  

It is silver.  I hope I can get it to work.  It will look great. is the quilt that I have loaded on the machine right now.  

Right now I am planning on using red and white Glide thread on this and somewhere I am going to try and incorporate the silve metallic thread.

Ok...that's a lot to take in on one post, so stay tuned for some progress on the above quilt.  


  1. Hey, I recognize one of those quilts! The neutral one with a pop of red is Mary's(?) from 2013!

    You got a pretty good batch of thread!

  2. I went nuts buying thread too! (And fabric...and gadgets...)
    It was fun to see you in the APQS booth, and I appreciated the time you and Tony and Angela took to answer my questions!

  3. The star quilt with the blue background would be my favorite of these.

  4. All seemed o be 'quilted to death'. People must pay a fortune to have this dense work done, or the are the longarmer themselves. Loved them all

  5. So many amazingly gorgeous quilts!
    You picked up some very pretty threads.
    I look forward to seeing how the quilt on your frame turns out.

  6. I wish I could have been at the show so I could stop by and say, "Hello!" I'm glad you had fun. I'm sure it will be the first of many to come.



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