Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What's On/Under the needles today?

Knitting was to be put on the back burner as there was plenty of quilting that needed to be done.

Well, we went away for a long weekend and I had nothing to do in the way of hand work, so I pulled out a new project for knitting with the knowledge that once home, I would put it away until I was caught up with customer quilts and my own quilting. 

Spindrift is the pattern that I had planned for my alpaca yarn 

and I do plan on adding beads to the eyelet border.  

 I have to say that in the four days that we were at the cabin I got half of it done.

When I pick this project up next, I will be doing the  five repeats of eyelet that runs along the bottom of this shawl......but, like I said, I am going to put this away and it is going to hibernate until I am ready to get back at it (even though I know it will be calling my name to finish it).

Now....as for quilting.....I am under a time line crunch to make a baby quilt for a shower that is taking place later this month.  I have had the fabric for some time.  Also, I am designing as I go on this one, so I hope what I have in my head translates to fabric well enough. 

Here are my fabrics.  

The mother-to-be is doing the baby's bedroom in purple, teal and gray with a theme of stars.  

So here are the stars that I have made.

They are Gwen Marsten's liberated stars.  

There will be one for each 12" block

The plan is for the quilt to end up around 48 inches square with a smattering of stars on a gray background.  

So, I made a deal with myself.....once the stars were done, I was going to get on the treadmill (thanks Sharon!) and then I can get back to working on the background for the stars.  I guess I didn't think these  liberated stars would work up quite so fast.  

Lunch, treadmill and then  cutting out the scrappy (controlled) background.  I feel like I am on a roll now.  

So, stay tuned for the finished quilt.  I am determined and for some reason I DO work well under pressure although I am not really fond of working under pressure.  I guess that is just the way I fly.  


  1. Yay! Finally have convenient wifi to check on what everyone is doing! Love your knitting project and the beadwork will be amazing! There is a knitting shop a 10 minute walk away from our campground / guess where I am headed?? It is the home of Alaskan Yarnworks & the colors on their website look enticing.

  2. That shawl will be beautiful You really work fast! Love the idea for the baby quilt. Can't wait to see it finished.



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