Monday, May 2, 2016

I think I am delusional.....

I can remember pumping out quilts when I wasn't working.  Once I started work, I would make a block here and there and finally after awhile, I would have a quilt top.  

So, I just got back from retreat and only took two projects with me.  

Garden Chevrons was all cut and ready to go from scratch and I thought in my head that I would have the whole top done.  NOT!

I  mean come on!   These blocks are paper pieced and I figured what could be easier?  I only needed 68 of the them.  

I even timed it to see how long they took me to  make ...... 16:17:20 minutes.  I was there from Thursday through Sunday.   So why weren't ALL the blocks done?

Of course, I know I should take into consideration travel time to the retreat center as we stayed off campus, introductions, eating, talking, shopping, show'n'tell,  more eating and talking, voting on bed quilts, more eating and talking.....well, you get the picture.  

So, today I thought I would lay out what blocks I had made at retreat and there were 48 (yeah, because I thought there were only 40!!!)

Since laying them out, I have made another 7.  Only 13 more to go.

If all goes well, I will have those 13 made sometime tomorrow, then I can start to rip off papers.  

Obviously didn't even touch my second project because I was on a mission.  

 I will post a lot about the retreat in my next post.  We had such a good time and there was a lot of talent there, too.  So, next post will be heavy with pictures that I am sure you will enjoy. 

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