Tuesday, May 3, 2016

First retreat this year!

Started out early Thursday morning because we knew we wanted to hit a quilt shop in Midland, MI that is just so bright and fresh looking.  

If you get a chance to stop in, you will be greeted with bright, modern fabrics that just scream...."buy me"......and I did.  I was on a mission to buy fabrics for an upcoming baby shower. The mom-to-be said she is decorating in purple, teal and gray and stars.  At first that sounded so "not baby-ish", but upon seeing the quilt shops' ad on the internet, I saw this quilt on their wall that has inspired me, so I bought a bunch of light grays with some purple and teal batiks that I will make stars out of.  

So, here's my loot for Carolyn's baby.

So from there we headed out to Kettunen Center where the retreat was taking place.  The sewing rooms were well lit and the view was fantastic overlooking a lake and I can't say enough about the food.  I don't think I have been to a retreat where the food has ever been this good.  

We did go to one other quilt shop while at retreat and that was downtown Cadillac, MI called Northern Hearth Quilting & Sewing Center.  Lost my mind there and bought more for my stash.  So much for my stash diet.

Here's that loot....the "just because" purchase.

As you can see, these piles are several layers thick AND there are about three shades in each pattern.  Just love taupe.  

But...on to the quilts.  Everyone was so talented at this retreat.  There was a mystery quilt that many of the gals participated in.  I didn't get pictures of nearly half of them, but there sure was a variety of fabrics used for it. 

Here are just some.

Then we voted on "bed" quilts that they brought to cover their beds.  

This one is shirts

This next one was last year's mystery. 


This one took first place (I, also, voted for this one)

Another winner.

and another runner up.

Wow....that was fun.

Now on to show'n'tell. Some of these are projects that these gals were working on at retreat and some got them finished.  Others were quilts that they brought that were completed but worked on at last years retreat.  

Sharon's "plus" quilt. 

Nancy's basket quilt. 

A Gee's Bend reproduction.

This one was done with the "paint chips" fabric.  So cool!


Numerous gals were making this bag.

I think a good show'n'tell really gets you motivated. 

There was certainly a lot more going on that either I was just so in awe of and forgot to take pictures or just totally missed altogether, but I do want to share just a couple more pics of Sharon's teeny tiny pineapple blocks.  Everyone was in awe of them for sure.  

I think that's it.  I had a great time.  Now to get ready for retreat #2 coming up later this month.  

Can't wait!!


  1. Anonymous Sharon again…
    That was a great retreat. When is the last time we saw so many great quilts??

  2. I can't wait until I can take in a retreat! My guild has scheduled a retreat for September but unfortunately we've got a trip to Hilton Head planned for that week. And since we had to cancel or May trip to Hilton Head, I'll have to pass up the guild retreat. I need to find another retreat to attend instead. Ha!

  3. Amazing show and tell - and the idea of each bed quilt being shown!!! My eye caught the Judy Martin Snake River Log Cabin quilt as it reminds me of the one I made for the guest room bed. Love those mini pineapple blocks - going to be really special all together! Catch your breath, enjoy your fun new stash additions (what's a stash diet??no way!!) and keep posting all about your retreats.

  4. So many beautiful quilts and talented quilters - looks like a Fabulous Retreat!
    Your fabric purchases are beautiful too!
    Awesome that you had such a great time!

  5. Oh my goodness. So many wonderful quilts being shared. Love the log cabin quilt.


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