Sunday, September 27, 2015

On a mission.....

Now that I have decided to make my "star" quilt just a lap quilt  and not a queen-sized quilt and have figured out how many more blocks I need, I think I am on a mission to get this one finally done.  

These stars have been done for a very long time and put away in a box.  

I pulled them out to show them to a friend who suggested I NOT put them away again.  

In that box were some fabrics that were pulled to make some more stars. 

There were nine sets of fabrics, so I cut them out; and here are those nine. 

I've done some figuring and if I am correct, I will need 12 more blocks. 

So, last night I matched up backings with star fabrics. 

For fear that these would get messed up, I decided to cut these out this afternoon. 

Well, once they are cut out, the rest is pretty easy, so I started to sew some of them together. 

Here's the layout (these are 5" finished stars)


From the star fabric you cut 1 - 3" square and then 8 - 1 3/4" squares. 
From the background you cut 4 - 1 3/4" square and 4 - 1 3/4 x 3" rectangles.  

You stitch the (in this case navy) small squares on the diagonal onto the rectangle background to make your star points. 

Here is the back of that star block when it is finished.  I do not cut away the background but do maintain two layers of fabrics for the star points.  

So, as of this post, I have five of the 12 blocks made.

Seven to go!!!  

I think I see a UFO finish in the near future.  


  1. Well Done! It's going to look great.

  2. More Beautiful Stars!
    Congratulations you are sooooo close to the finish line!

  3. Love your stars. I have a question regarding your choice to not trim the excess on your triangles. Do you find you get better triangles by not trimming? I'm curious if there's any benefit to making that decision (other than saving time and effort). Thanks!

  4. So Glad to see the stars have come out!! I will have to revisit my pile of blocks sometime this winter to see if I can finish mine as well!
    Sharon G



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