Friday, September 18, 2015

IKEA IDEA (IKEA hacking)

I am in need of getting my long arm area organized, so I have been pinning on Pinterest several IKEA hacking ideas for just that purpose.  I saw some that I was really interested in but IKEA doesn't carry that line anymore  So this is what I came up with. 

I bought two Kallax units that were most likely supposed to be bookshelves with the plan on laying them on end, side by side.  

Then because I really like to be organized, I felt that I needed some drawers.  I purchased two of their double drawer units that fit right in. 

Here they are installed. 

Next step was to stabilize  the whole, double unit.   

Here we used the brackets that were supplied to attach the bookcases to the wall.  This at least held the two units together so that we could further work on it as one unit.  

They had a decorative piece to cover the metal bracket hiding  it somewhat.  

Next we flipped the unit over (take out the drawers for this). Then a piece of plywood was cut out just a little smaller than the base and screwed in wherever there was a shelf "wall". 

Rotating wheels from Mennards were added.  The four outside ones are locking.  The two middle ones are not

Wheels are done. 

Flip it over. 

I then purchased butcher block for my  table top from Mennards. 

We used Minwax to finish the wood.  

Three coats of Minwax and three sandings in between each coat  to get to this. 

Then the top was screwed down to the unit.  

Then for some more storage options, I bought an IKEA towel bar.

I didn't want to attach it to the sides of the cabinet, so because the table top is longer than the cabinet I had it attached underneath to the butcher block.  To do that and not have it fall off, we drilled extra holes into the brackets so that they could be screwed in.  Below you will see the extra two holes that were drilled in.  

The towel bar was attached underneath the  top and now the rulers, templates and my Norwex micro duster are hung with plenty more hooks for added things.  

Unfortunately, I was so excited to move in, I forgot to take pictures of it from all angles before filling it, but I think you get the idea.  



I am still going to come up with some other organizational ideas for my pantos and my threads, but for now, this is much more organized than what I had.

This is what I was dealing with before. 

A 6 ft. folding table that was just a collector of things.

Three TV trays.....ugh!!

Just too much clutter for me to work effectively.

Heck, I even was using the grandkids little table.....and, yes, I even sat at their chairs!!!

It was definitely time to get organized.  Although,  those piles of quilts are back  on top of my new table....7 to be exact, so I loaded the 8th one on the long arm.  Maybe I will feel like getting
them done now that I am so organized.  Of course, that sounds like a lot, but they range from NICU quilts to some larger quilts. 

Ok...maybe now I will just go and stare at all that beauty before I really get it messed up.  

Thanks for looking in.


  1. Fabulous organization!! I would think having a long arm set up would definitely require an efficient system - your threads and supplies are extensive and often on a larger scale like those big thread cones. Isn't Pinterest something!!? Way too many ideas & oh to have a limitless budget...i recently repainted the laundry room in a soft sage green. Of course, after looking at Pinterest, had to reorganize even there with baskets & glass jars - a vintage look sign & mini quilt...yup, Pinterest is quite addictive:-)

  2. What an amazing cabinet! You and hubby did a terrific and very creative job making this - I LOVE it!

  3. I'll have to look at your Pinterest board, but would like to know your table top dimensions. (I am about ready to replace my folding cutting table, and have a specific space to fit it into).

    Also, you don't need it now, but I have seen kitchen cabinets employed as table bases. It seems that wheels would make them too high, though.

    1. I'll put this here for everyone. The table top is 36 x 72. This was the size of the butcher block that I bought at Mennards and I just decided not to cut it down.

    2. I'll put this here for everyone. The table top is 36 x 72. This was the size of the butcher block that I bought at Mennards and I just decided not to cut it down.

  4. What a great setup! Nothing like being organized to make you want to sew!


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