Wednesday, April 29, 2015

On a roll this week.

Within less than a week, I have completed three quilts.  The first one was the retirement quilt that you can see here

Two days ago I put the binding on the Snowflakes from Heaven quilt.

This was a guild challenge using this particular pinwheel block.  I got it quilted on the long arm and bound it on Monday night. 

It's on the done list.

Then Tuesday night I bound the saw tooth quilt. 

Quilted this one with a swirly blade and a double  row of stitching in each of the piano keys 

Here's a peek at the backing. 

I did have trouble with this one where it came to the tension on the stitching, but I do like the design that I chose to use on this quilt.  So I learned that King Tut thread is a very temperamental thread to work with, but I am still happy with my quilting.

So....that is three quilts on the "done list" in one week.....less than one week.   That list is getting shorter and shorter all the time.  If I can get this many done in a week, I should be ahead of the game.  Of course,.....I am always starting something new.

Two steps forward, and one back. 

Oh well.  

On to the next one.


  1. Two steps forward and one back is still progress! Yay!!! Both of these quilts are JUST beautiful. I would love to make your Snowflakes from Heaven quilt. It's great!!

  2. These quilts are BEAUTIFUL!
    You've made wonderful progress in just 1 week - amazing!


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