Monday, February 2, 2015

In overdrive......

Could I just work on one thing and get it done?  No!
Went over my UFO list and there were so many things that seemed so do-able because they were almost done, that I thought I would work on 4 or 5 things at once.  Of course when you do that....nothing gets done quickly. 
I have been working on so much, I don't even know if it is worth trying to post pictures of all the progress here in one post. 

My 9-patches.....
This was going to be a quick and easy project, but I ran into a snag. 
Sewn together.
then washed and sewn into next Christmas's stocking
Lining is made and all I needed to do was to crochet a cuff, but darn, I have ripped that cuff out numerous times.  Don't know if it is the pattern or if it is me.  So, it got set aside for another day.
One of the other projects was my jelly roll quilt. 
Actually, this was made with a "twice the charm" and I had to cut each fabric in half so that I could do the jelly roll race.  This has been in my stash for eons.
Purchased some fabrics at a 60% off holiday fabrics sale  and put these borders on the quilt.
As of last night, this one got quilted with a sand colored minky and now it is ready for its binding (which is made).

I'll save the three other quilts that are going on the long arm very soon for another post.  I spent time getting the scrappy pieced backings made and just need to get the batts cut to size. 
But since I chucked the crochet project for a little while, I needed something to do with my hands in the evening in front of the TV. 
Now...I hesitate to even bring this up for fear that I will stick it away again for years since I made the rows several years ago. 
I felt the need to say that I "hand pieced" a quilt.  What do I choose? ...a charm, thimble quilt.
Don't ask me where I got the idea that a charm quilt had to be 2000 pieces, but here is my progress.
These are 1" thimbles and I have had the rows sewn for a very long time.  I put it away when I felt that I couldn't meet up my seams perfectly  when it came to putting the rows together.  Well, if I am going to get this done, I have to set aside perfection. 
I am telling myself if I can do two rows a night, I could have this top done in less than a month. 
Ok....that's it for this post.  I have three more quilts that will be going on the long arm very soon and will share those with you as they come off the machine. 
Wish me luck on those thimbles.  After getting back to it, now I want to see it finished. 
Yup....definitely in overdrive.   


  1. Love the stocking! It's awesome!

  2. Good progress. Love the little thimbles.

  3. really cute stocking! great use of nine patches.
    lovely quilting

  4. The Christmas stocking is darling! What a great idea. Your Christmas jelly roll quilt is very nice! Have fun with the thimbles. I wonder if I need to put a hand pieced quilt on my bucket list.

  5. A red & white quilt always grabs my attention. Your blocks will make a nice one.

  6. Wonderful progress on your UFO projects!
    That stocking is darling and your Jelly roll quilt is really pretty!
    Love that thimble quilt too!


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